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Post by Marcos_Beck »

Ok, so here goes

My idea is pretty simple:

There’s a lot of great media in this league, and as we all know, CSL has always been media driven, but many of our best articles have been lost due to time

Plus, there’s a lot of people willing to write on a regular basis. TWW’s idea of debates just shows it. It’s really fantastic. But there’s also BI with his interviews, bt with Power Rankings, I like to talk about trading, and of course many other people who likes to write about the league overall.

So what I want to propose is for us to reorganize our media center. In a way that values people who are willing to write a series of articles that are connected, so we don’t lose track of those. How to do it?

We could do something like that (instead of having Insiders, Wiretaps..)

* CSL News (write short articles about a game, a player, a trade, your team.. Just like wiretaps)
* CSL Team Center (season reviews, season previews, a fixed topic for ratings boosts and TCs)
* CSL Trade News (articles about trade ideas, NOT TRADE REVIEWS, articles like Kevin’s fantastic Gm negotiating profiles, a pinned topic just for rumors..)
* CSL Power Rankings (like there is right now)
* CSL StatStuff (like there is right now)
* CSL All Star / Awards (for ASG + awards we vote)
* CSL Interviews (the name says it all)
* CSL Behind The Scenes (for articles like TWW’s debates which talks about the league and possible the past)
* CSL Podcasts (also name says it all)

That’s an idea. Of course, you’ll likely come up with much better ideas than those. But I’d love to organize many iconic insiders wiretaps that have been lost in time across all those categories. Imagine being able to access your season preview from 2 years ago in Team Center tô compare your rosters from then and now, for example..
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Re: Media

Post by TheTwoWallaces »

Lol yea I had no idea where to put the debate series. A reworking of the media sections would be useful if done well. The downside is that despite is flaws, everyone does currently know where everything is
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