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Top 30 Norton Candidates Announced

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Top 30 Norton Candidates Announced

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The Norton Award is the most prestigious award given out each year to the player who best demonstrates excellence on the court, in the classroom and in the community. The Norton Committee has cut down the list to 30 candidates for the award this season.

1. SG Charles Thomas (Oklahoma)
2. SG Brad Dely (Michigan)
3. SG Mike Smith (Wisconsin)
4. SG Ricardo McMillian (North Carolina)
5. PG Tom Thompson (Memphis)
6. PG J.D. Floyd (Notre Dame)
7. SG Jason Gibbs (St. Joseph's)
8. PF Thomas Brown (Oklahoma St.)
9. SF Troy Lowe (Kansas)
10. SG David Sykes (Michigan St.)
11. SG Josh Haymon (Saint Louis)
12. SF Jason Murray (Connecticut)
13. PG Ron Scales (Oregon)
14. SG Josh Edwards (Maryland)
15. SF Jermaine Finley (Illinois)
16. PG Deon Crawford (Alabama)
17. C Maurice Howard (Kentucky)
18. C Brian Bellairs (Seton Hall)
19. C Akin Dye (Louisville)
20. PG Vandarel Reiner (Oklahoma)
21. SG Rod Jacobson (Louisville)
22. PF Rick Anderson (UCLA)
23. PF Clement Thompson (Connecticut)
24. C Jody Jackson (Duke)
25. SG Zack Harrell (Kentucky)
26. PF Dexter Engstrom (Michigan)
27. PG Anthony Murray (Duke)
28. PF Sean Schafer (VCU)
29. PF B.J. Poole (Syracuse)
30. PF Tim Williams (Kansas)

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Re: Top 30 Norton Candidates Announced

Post by Myles »

This is BS... we should have at least three candidates

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