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Step By Step Export Guide

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Step By Step Export Guide

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Steps to accessing multiplayer league:
1) Go to League Homepage
2) Click on "League File" in the top right corner.
3) Download .zip file
4) Extract .zip file to your C:\Wolverine Studios\DDSCB2016\saves folder. Overwrite any files it asks to overwrite.
5) Load league in game like you would a single player league
6) Make any changes you need in game (recruiting, depth chart, sub matrix, philosophies, etc.)
7) On the "Profile" tab, click "Export MP" in the top right corner to create your multiplayer file.
8.a) Go to the newest Depth Chart thread here on the forums, reply to the topic with your team name and attach your exported file found in your C:\Wolverine Studios\DDSCB2016\Multiplayer\NCAA_CSL folder
8.b) If the exported file has any extension that is NOT .tem, you will have to zip the file first and then upload it
9) Submit your reply and you have now completed the process.

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