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Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame

Post by secondroundbust »

Hey guys hope you’re all enjoying the holidays! I’ve been thinking over an idea after my research for the GOAT article, feel free to disagree or give your opinion

To add to the history and “lore” of the league, we could implement an actual Hall of Fame ballot? The idea is a group of 10 or so players nominated each year, and we vote, with for example, an 75-85% vote (20-23 of 27 total votes) needed to make the Hall. Each GM has 4 votes or something along those lines. Could even allow for retired GM’s to vote as well. Each player has a certain amount of eligibility, etc. etc. We could hold it during the time between the deadline and the playoffs, as that’s most likely the biggest area of dead time especially for non playoff bound teams.

Let me know! I don’t want to come into the league and start trying to change a good thing, but could be a fun way to remember teams and players of the past, and through that, the GM’s that helped shape them! And I don’t mind being the one to run it/keep track of it


Player [Vote]
Paul George [26/27 (96%) YES]
Kemba Walker [24/27 (89%) YES]
Andre Drummond [18/27 (66%) NO]
Blake Griffin [22/27 (81%) YES]

No disrespect to Drummond :lol:

Let me know your opinions and happy holidays all

Also thanks to Andre for the suggestion on the timeline of when to do it!
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Re: Hall of Fame

Post by hardenwithnod »

I like this idea, plus it will give us a good reason to keep track of league history and accolades!

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Re: Hall of Fame

Post by Andrewu91 »

Sure let's do it
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Re: Hall of Fame

Post by KW »

this is a great idea! as we approach the 10-year anniversary of this league's creation, it's great to be able to look back at its history and honoring the stars of yesterday.

(I joined the oldCSL in December 2013, so I've known a lot of you fools for 10 years already!!!)

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Re: Hall of Fame

Post by bt »

Great idea mate, definitely like it and like the idea of preserving our history so we can look back.
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Re: Hall of Fame

Post by blackice »

Fantastic idea and you've been a great addition to the league!
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