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Trade Chatter

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Re: Trade Chatter

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KW wrote: Thu Mar 24, 2022 1:25 am In conjunction with the Jackson trade, I like what Brooklyn did.

Jackson to Crowder is a wash, if not a slight win for BRK.

Derrickson for Vezenkov+Vaughn is 1 reasonably efficient scorer for 2 reasonably efficient scorers.
This is pretty much how I saw these two deals. Once we moved Jackson, I was in the market for an elite defender that wasn't going to have a high usage rate like Josh Jackson did. That's exactly what Jae Crowder is.

In Derrickson, I viewed him as a floor stretcher at the 4, but with Vaughan and Vezenkov in town, I felt we could move off of Derrickson's shooting.
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