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Post by Stockton12 »

While I like this league I’m contemplating quitting . Sure I haven’t been active but I’ve had my personal issues and last thing is that I want to come here and see this kinda trash from Dennis , Andrew and ramcus.

I just want to have fun and leave everything behind and come here and relax but it makes it impossible . I’m not attacking anyone but you three mainly Andrew and Dennis grow up and leave your shit behind and start acting like men or leave the league .

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Re: Enough

Post by Dennis »

It’s fine that you pull me into that, but I’m out of that fight. Maybe you didn’t notice because your activity dropped more than mine when your team stopped winning (or maybe it stopped because of that?). I’m trashing the engine but (mostly) not Andrew. Would you be constantly attacked like Marcus by Andrew and want to be active, you couldn’t keep your calm either though (i love your passive aggressive messages when you won games, mostly in private though.). So I can see where his reaction comes from. Without saying it’s good or not. But in all seriousness if someone can be mad at me it’s only Andre and Jon because of my statements regarding the transition. That Andrew fight ain’t mine anymore though. I stopped listening to his trash mostly.
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Re: Enough

Post by emplep7 »

I know I'm naive, but I really thought that 10 years later from the league starting that everyone would have pretty much matured (since we're all older and have bigger things to worry about), but the microcosm of the CSL is that some people are either pretty sensitive or feel they really have to prove themselves in an online sim league. I would say 80-90% of the league falls outside of that and acts like a normal adult, but it's expected that there are going to be individuals who have to say certain things or react certain ways. While it has bothered me at times within the past 6 months (especially during the transition), I don't have the energy and stamina I once had as a young lad to keep up with the back and forth until someone messages me to point it out.

I've said the same thing over and over again about how it surprises me how anyone would let someone here actually bother them based on anything someone else typed on their computer/phone. It doesn't make sense to me since nothing anyone says here pertains to real life. I also don't understand the criticism of other GMs/out of control engine issues because again...1) who cares what someone thinks of you/me as a GM, and 2) everyone knows the engine has flaws (and they seem to grow with every iteration), but again we are just here to have fun. if the engine ruins someone's fun, I wouldn't blame anyone for stepping away. We will make improvements the best we can but know it won't be perfect and want to ensure everyone is (mostly) enjoying themselves. If it's not fun for you, don't let something like this add stress to your life.

The only thing I really care about is people getting personal at any point and bringing up real life things since nobody knows the struggles anyone may or may not be going through at any given time. Keep that stuff out of the league and out of your posts.

I really do thank the GMs that are along for the ride and offer/offered help throughout the years and keep everything going since that's what has kept the admin team motivated to keep everything humming along (although I'm not sure it's been a smooth hum) throughout the years!

As for you Phil, I've enjoyed being in sim leagues with you over the years and get the frustration. I'd love for you to stick around, but if the league is impacting you negatively in any way, then I would 100% get stepping away. Feel free to reach out and let me know what you're thinking and if I can help!

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