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2028 - Playoff Sim Schedule (PLEASE READ)

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2028 - Playoff Sim Schedule (PLEASE READ)

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With the last regular season sim coming up the CSL is entering the Playoffs again.
We will start the playoffs next Monday, May 9th, and we sim one sim day every day of the week (including weekends).

Like the years before, we will sim the playoffs without "Double sims", see the schedule for round 1 below.

Schedule for Playoffs Round 1:

05/09 - Sim 1: All EC games
05/10 - Sim 2: Both EC and WC
05/11 - Sim 3: All WC games, All EC
05/12 - Sim 4: Both EC and WC
05/13 - Sim 5: All WC, All EC
05/14 - Sim 6: All WC, All EC
05/15 - Sim 7: All WC, All EC
05/16 - Sim 8: All WC ** if needed

We will have some activities throughout the playoffs (Awards Voting, Draft Lottery, Scouting, etc) for the league as well during the playoffs and then will jump right into the off-season.
Details about the dates will be posted later.

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