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Jontay Going Overseas?

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Jontay Going Overseas?

Post by TMZ »

Jontay Going Overseas?

One of the most talked about news stories leading up to the draft is where Jontay Porter was going to be drafted. The talent that the big man possesses is no joke, but there seems to be another running joke out there about the draft prospect.
TMZ: What do you think about the CSL franchises questioning your durability and being able to contribute to a team?

Jontay: Man, they can suck my ba**s. I talked to those same doctors during the week of interview and they didn't say sh*t to me, but now I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap? I saw that dude from Phoenix saying he won't draft us at 9 because of injury concerns. Fine! Don't draft me. And after I dunk on your team all game, I'm going to head into the comfy box where you're at and I'll dunk on your ass too!

TMZ: Do you think its unfair? Why would the medical staffs around the league draw up these red flags?

Jontay: Its the same reason they don't want to admit the Earth is flat. Its all bullsh*t man and I'm tired of it. I'll pull out of the draft all together and go play in Europe or some sh*t. I don't need to play for one of these guys who probably never touched a basketball in their lives.
With the draft clock officially starting tomorrow, it will be interesting to watch where a prospect like Jontay Porter ends up. And who knows, maybe it is overseas...

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Re: Jontay Going Overseas?

Post by GreenBear »

He does have a ton of talent, no denying that. Someone will take a chance on him.
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