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Free Agency - Day 15 & 16

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Re: Free Agency - Day 15 & 16

Post Author: BizGilwalker » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:12 pm

I don't blame you for letting Ish walk at that price, but considering both Bogdanovic's signed for a combined amount per year as Edwin alone, I can't say I like the moves. I can understand wanting to swap Bojan and Edwin if they were making the same contract, and you prefer Edwin's defense to Bojan's offense.

But letting Bogdan walk is probably something you're going to regret. I'm with Andrew on this, talent is talent. Assets are important. Bogdan on a multi-year deal at anything under $10M could be traded for good value and/or a better player than Edwin.

Regarding the offered contracts: I noticed this year that the engine takes the player's requested contract length into consideration entirely too much. I haven't loaded the game file in a few sims, but last time I checked Bogdan was looking for a 4-year deal at an astronomical per-year amount. I assume his requested per-year amount steadily went down as free agency went on, but remained at 4-years. I know he was getting bombarded by Adam with a large one year contract every sim but wouldn't sign it. Sounds like Kevin did the same. So once somebody came in with a 4 year deal at a price that wasn't insultingly low, he took it because free agency is by far the worst part of DDS3.
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Re: Free Agency - Day 15 & 16

Post Author: Ocons » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:23 pm

Very easy to say after the fact and, in that sense, I agree with you. No way of knowing that Bogdan and Bojan would sign for combined what Edwin makes. Especially since they were asking for double at that point in time. Hindsight, I should have waited to re-post the Edwin deal until I signed Bogdan but I honestly wasn't even thinking about offering him a terribly low 4 year deal. At that price, he is a great asset. But anyone who thought that's what he would accept going into FA is kidding themselves. Bojan isn't worth $6-7M per, I'm over that.

Ish is going to be the best of all three if given time.

Again, I'll stand by the fact that none of them play a lick of defense and I needed/wanted someone who did at the 3. Edwin does that just fine.

It's clear DDS is terrible at managing FA but player agents getting rolled out the day before it started was a bad idea too, especially since we had a full season to look at it, propose it and fine tune it. Maybe next year? (I'm not 100% in on PAs, though, anyway)
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Re: Free Agency - Day 15 & 16

Post Author: Myles » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:30 pm

Bogdan wouldn’t have been represented by PAs anyway, so that wouldn’t have helped.

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Re: Free Agency - Day 15 & 16

Post Author: mgtr81 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:59 pm

Good to add to two's to the roster. Not sure what happened with Peters, though.

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