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Insight Into the Thunder's Reign

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Insight Into the Thunder's Reign

Post Author: TMZ » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:43 am

A breaking story has hit our office in regards to there being something more than just strategy and luck when it comes to the rise of the Thunder in the CSL.

When Andrew took over the Thunder, they were a mess. A team that had only managed to win 15 games and were the worst team in the CSL. Since that time, we have seen the Thunder rise to the ranks of being elite in the CSL, having just won their 2nd CSL Championship.

While many may point to savvy moves by General Manager Andrew, there is reason now to believe other "forces" may be at play.

In a recent discussion among General Managers the following was said when asked by General Manager KW of Houston what he had traded to move in an take two players late in the first round.
General Manager Andrew,
"My soul + future picks"
TMZ had an inclusive conversation with a leader of the occult who shared some light on this. We talked to them about the statement from above and then about the rise of the Thunder, a team that was a rudderless ship, until General Manager Andrew took the helm.

One must understand that in the world that is today, all of us are judged. With that judgement comes pressure and with pressure comes the need for results. While I do not know anything of this game of basketball you speak to me about, I can say that one does not simply become successful without a price being paid. I have had conversations with CEO's of large corporations and helped them see insight into what it is they seek. I have sat with politicians who are seeking to make their name be spoken from everyone's mouth. I can also say that I spoke with one that will remain unnamed about how to take the field that was desolate and helped guide them into growing it into a guardian that bore the fruit which all others desired.
This individual would not give specifics but when pressed for more, they simply said the occult is in all parts of life. To think it was not within the CSL would be foolish.

So have the Thunder been a team of destiny or a team that a price has been paid for?

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Re: Insight Into the Thunder's Reign

Post Author: Andrewu91 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:55 am

Beware, I will also sell my last chicken wing for another draft pick. Everything up for grabs
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Re: Insight Into the Thunder's Reign

Post Author: Marcos_Beck » Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:18 am

That explains a lot. Haha.
Joking, Andrew. Take it easy.
Good job by TMZ, though lol
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