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2023 Rookie First Impressions

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Lavar Ball
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Re: 2023 Rookie First Impressions

Post Author: Lavar Ball » Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:33 pm

emplep7 wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:38 pm
After looking it over, I feel like Fultz looks like the better of JJJ and him.

Overall, I feel like this class is strong with contributors into the 2nd round.

As for my guys, Gates looks like a bonafide stud and I think I would have taken him 1st overall given how rare a player like him is and the impact they can have for a team in this engine and the next. Davon Reed is literally a twin to Mikal Bridges where Bridges has slightly better defensive potential, but not much and everything else is identical. Pretty happy to land him that late as a 3&D player.

Blakeney will score in bunches and Yuta is the new asian sensation (come get him Gary).

LiAngelo though is going to be the next superstar. He will score at will and steal literally everything that comes his way both on and off the court.
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