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Workouts - 2023 CSL Draft

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Workouts - 2023 CSL Draft

Post Author: Rizzo » Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:03 pm

Interviews - 2022 CSL Draft

  • Deadline to Submit: Friday, July 26th @ 6AM EST
  • 15 Workouts per team
  • Make sure you follow the SUBMISSION TEMPLATE EXACTLY or else you will have wasted your scouts.
  • For accuracy sake, copy and paste the names from the Big Board to ensure accurate spelling.
  • Warning: there will be no chances to resubmit your .txt file due to typos, spelling errors or any other user-created errors. You have ONE chance to do it right!
  • Eligible Teams: ALL

Steps to upload a .txt file:
  • Create a new .txt file in Notepad.
  • Follow Submission Template exactly and save it to your desktop (or anywhere) with the proper file name (i.e. Nuggets.txt)
  • Be sure to eliminate any trailing blank spaces after each player's name as well as any extra line breaks (hitting the enter key) at the end of the file!
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